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Need advice about a grounded bat? Contact the Bat Conservation Trust’s 24 hour helpline: 0845 1300 228


Cambridgeshire bat group is dedicated to the conservation of bats.

It’s aims are to educate and raise awareness of bats in Cambridgeshire and to study and monitor bat populations, both locally and nationally.

The group initiates its own research projects, as well as organising practical conservation such as making and erecting bat boxes and protecting winter hibernation sites.

Cambridgeshire bat group also cares for injured bats and gives advice to those who find bats on their property.

What to do if you find a bat

If you find a bat has entered one of the rooms in your house, it is best to open all the windows and shut the door and the bat will very likely leave of its own accord.

If the bat will not leave on its own, you can call the National Bat Helpline, or your local Natural England office to arrange for an experienced bat worker to visit you.

Join the Group

The voluntary help of the local bat group is essential to English Nature’s ability to protect bats effectively. We visit homeowners who find bats in their house, look after sick and injured bats, monitor populations of bats in the county and promote and actively organise bat research.

If you would like to become involved in the work that Cambridgeshire Bat Group are doing or simply express your support for bat conservation through membership we would love to hear from you.

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